Global Processes and Vulnerabilities, Threats/Risks and Local Strategies

21 to 23 of July 2022
District University Francisco José de Caldas,
Colombia (Online)

The Symposium Ibero-Afro-American on Risks is an event organized by the RISCOS Association and the University of Coimbra, based in different universities in Europe and Latin America, which aims to bring together researchers and social actors from different scientific disciplines, to debate and analyze in its various approaches and proposals, related to the Cyndinique sciences, the experiences and methodological proposals for the management and understanding of the phenomena that threaten life in general and the balance established in the relationship between Society and Nature.

Today’s world is being drastically affected by vectors of accelerated change that impact territories and societies in different ways. Among these vectors are climate change and urban growth processes, which generate a series of threats and impacts on local communities. From this framework of change, risk scenarios are established, which must be addressed in their multiple manifestations, in economic sectors, in cultural patterns, in forms of social organization in a disciplinary and interdisciplinary manner.